Student Activities

    "Who made the totem poles?"  
    "What's a katsina doll?" 
    These are some of the questions you might hear shooting through the Red Earth Art Center as students explore the exhibits. 
    Red Earth offers a number of art activities for your students. 
    Lesson Plans to help you before you visit are available below.
    • Cradleboards

      For more than 30 years, Oklahoma
      City’s Red Earth has been home to the renowned Deupree Cradleboard Collection, one of the most extensive collections of Native American cradleboards in the southwest United States.

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    • Newspaper in Education Series

      Learn facts, complete activities, and get a deeper understanding of our Tribal cultures. The Oklahoman provides educational resources using a newspaper curriculum supplement.

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    • Native Farmers

      Learn about the American Indians as farmers. Students will grow a virtual and actual garden to determine the factors affecting plant growth. Learning what each plant looks like, nutrients they provide, how they taste and understand healthy foods.

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    • Totems of the Pacific Northwest

      Totem poles are historical monuments and documents. They displayed origins, lineages, supernatural experiences, exploits and acquisitions. The figures recorded the past, displaying it in the present and preserving it for the future.

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    • Beaded Corn Ornaments

      Indian Corn or “Calico Corn” is so beautiful and is known for it’s multicoloured kernels. They’re really easy to put together and are the perfect addition to your hands on curriculum.

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    • Comanche Code Talkers

      Learn more about how the Comanche language was used during WWII to relay secret battle messages.

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