Learn facts, complete activities, and get a deeper understanding of our Tribal cultures.

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    The Guardian Statue

    Placing The Guardian atop the State Capitol building was one of the first Centennial projects. Do you know how it was created? Download PDF →

    Food Contributions by Native Americans

    To study the past, we read about it and listen to stories. But did you know that we can also taste the past? Native Americans contributed many of the foods we eat today. Download PDF →

    Native American Influence in Oklahoma State Flag

    Oklahoma has had fourteen flags fly over the state since the Spanish came to the Great Plains. The current state flag was officially adopted in 1925. It honors more than 60 tribal groups and their ancestors. Download PDF →

    Food Frenzy! Corn: Not Just Food

    Corn was first grown more than 7,000 years ago. Scientists believe it was developed in Central Mexico. Also known as maize, it was eventually adapted and developed, and became a staple for our people. Download PDF →

    Native Contributions

    A booklet featuring information, history and activities related to our unique legacy over the past 100 years. Prepared as part of the Native Heritage Month. Download PDF →