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    Shop our gourmet food products that are made with top quality ingredients.

    Some items are too fragile for us to ship. These items are included in our "Store Pick Up Only" collection.   You will see this "Store Pickup Only ~ No Shipping" at the end of an item's description.  These items are available for Store Pickup only.  

    In the Summer months we will be unable to ship chocolate products, due to high temperatures. During colder seasons we will change these items so they will be shippable.

    Owned by Choctaw Citizen Bill Beach and his wife Claudia Chambers-Beach.

    • When you buy Kayterra Farms Jam, you are purchasing a quality product that has less sugar, more fruit and is an all-natural product… from the pure cane sugar, to the natural fruit pectin that holds it all together…

    • Connecting people to a more simple time in history, when things were still made by hand. When food was still REAL, authentic and DELICIOUS!!

    • You can find an assortment of flavors at the Red Earth shop.

      We aplogize for the inconvience but we are unable to ship this item.