Youth Art Competition Guidelines

    Competition consists of three (3) age categories with 8 contests in each age group: 9 to 12 years - 13 to 15 years - 16 to 18 years. No entry fee.

    Each Contest will have awards in three places with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons and a cash award. One "Best of Show" award will be given. 

    Artists may enter only one (1) item per category. No limit on number of categories. Group projects not accepted - individual artist work, created by the artist. Entries must be display-ready (ex: wired for hanging, no glass). Maximum size hanging art is 24x26 inch.  

    Categories Include

    Basketry -Beadwork - Cultural items - Photography - Jewelry Painting/Drawing/Graphics
    Pottery - Sculpture 

     Note: All youth artists are required to show tribal affiliation in accordance with Public law 101-644 (104 Stat. 4662, Act of 11/29/90) with one of the following: Tribal Membership Card; Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood 

    Winners 2022

    Youth Art Competition Registration

    Please complete the information listed below.

    You must select the "Submit" button to complete your registration. Limit one registration for each category.  You may enter any of the 8 different categories. 

    By registering online, your paperwork will be ready when you arrive at the Red Earth Art Center for Check-In.

    If you have questions or problems, contact the Red Earth office, 405-427-5228 or email