Education Resources

    National Museum of the American Indian

    Providing educators and students with new perspectives on Native American history and cultures.

    Most Americans have only been exposed to part of the story, as told from a single perspective through the lenses of popular media and textbooks. Using educational materials, virtual student programs, and teacher training that incorporates Native narratives, more comprehensive histories, and accurate information to enlighten and inform teaching and learning about Native America.

    Challenging common assumptions about Native peoples and offers a view that includes not only the past but also the vibrancy of Native peoples and cultures today.

    Knowledge 360°

    Oklahoma History Center

    The goal of the Oklahoma History Center is to collect, preserve, and share Oklahoma history. The museum offers a variety of unique educational programs to facilitate sharing our state’s past with museum visitors and school groups across the state.

    Education Resources

    Sam Noble Museum

    Whether attending school virtually or in-person, our online initiative is your one-stop shop for STEM activities, educational videos, family fun and more.

    Everyone is surrounded by science, and often times it’s a lot closer than you think! You’ll still be able to learn and enjoy the wonders of science and natural history from your own home and backyard.

    Educational Programs

    Fred Jones Museum of Art

    Find out more about educational resources and programs for educators, students, and community members in Oklahoma and beyond.

    With an education space that encourages visitors of all ages to engage with special exhibitions in a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Resources and activities encourage thoughtful interaction both in the gallery and at home. 

    Learn & Engage

    Oklahoma Dept Education, Indian Education Resources

    Lesson resources include information, data and research tools to help educators create lesson plans of their own.  Feel free to use the approved resources.

    Education Resources