Natalie Miller

    Artist Natalie Miller is best known for her acrylic paintings’ vibrant use of color on canvas. Her large and small scale works explore linear abstractions, bold color combinations, and the playful colliding of geometric forms. She graduated from Oklahoma Christian in 2007 with a BFA in Graphic Design and emphasis in Illustration. Her innate ability to manage color tone stems from over a decade working in the graphic and textile design field. She has recently explored a merging of visual graphics, vivid line work and nature that references her native Chickasaw heritage. She connects her past to her present on a visual journey drawing on the language of early and current textiles, such as ribbon skirts, as well as her natural attraction to saturated colors. Her line work is pure in its steady hand and her color curation brings a playful voice that sets her apart. She leaves behind a contemporary renewal of her own interpretation, leading the viewer on a journey from one canvas to the next.