Red Earth hosts classes geared for adults to learn about Native American arts and culture

    Here are some of the classes we have hosted in the past year

    • Yoga in the Gallery

      Bailee Bruce a Tribal member of the Cherokee Nation teaches classes that are always centered around a gentle approach using the breath, mindfulness, & somatics as a guide in and through the body.

      SPRING 2022

    • Finger Weaving Class

      In this class Tyra Shackleford, Chickasaw artist, taught the ancient tribal art of Finger Weaving. Students made a small finger woven piece and left with the knowledge to start their own belt at home.

      JUNE 11TH, 2022

    • Ledger Art Class

      In this class George Curtis Levi, Southern Cheyenne artist, taught the techniques and cultural history of ledger drawing. A form of visual storytelling as there was no formal written language to record all of life's important moments.

      JULY 30TH, 2022

    • Beaded Earring Class

      In this class, Jame Lyn Hamilton, Comanche - Kiowa artist taught a flat-stitch beadwork style. Students worked with seed-beads on felt with this traditional technique to create their own pair of beautiful, beaded earrings.

      NOV. 6TH, 2022

    We hope you can join us for our next class!

    We currently do not have any scheduled classes but we would appreciate you taking the time to fill out the survey below so we can offer classes that most interest you.