Award Nominations

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    Honored One Award: Deadline for nominations is Wednesday March 16, 2023

    Spirit Award: Deadline for nominations is Friday April 29, 2023

    Linda Kukuk - Honored One 2022

    Honored One

    The criteria for selection of the Honored One is historically based on the following: 

    Native American master visual artist whose support of Native art has been substantial throughout his/her life; influence on Native artistic community as a whole; a continuing involvement, activity, and participation in their art form; those artists and artisans who embrace and embody the collective wisdom of their cultural experience.

    •  Archie Blackowl

      Woody Crumbo

      Woodrow Haney

      Allan Houser

      Leonard Riddles

      Clayburn Straughn

      Jose Ray Toledo

      Dick West

      Woogie Watchetaker

      Mildred Cleghorn

      Cecil Dick

    • Alice Littleman

      Doc Tate Nevaquaya

      Lloyd Kiva New

      Enoch Kelly Haney

      Josephine Wapp

      Mavis Doering

      Anna Mitchell

      Dorothy Sullivan

      Joan Hill

      Charles Pratt

      Troy Anderson

    • Benjamin Harjo, Jr.

      Vanessa Jennings

      Harvey Pratt

      Mike Larsen

      Marlene Riding In - Mameah

      Austin Real Rider

      Jereldine Redcorn

      Gordon Yellowman

      Ruthe Blalock Jones

      Bill Glass, Jr.

    • Daniel Worcester

      Les Berryhill

      Merlin Little Thunder

      Jim VanDeman

      Patta LT

      Mary Aitson

      Clancy Gray

      Nelda Schrupp

      Fernando Padilla Jr.

      Linda Kukuk

    Red Earth Spirit Award

    The Red Earth Spirit Award is presented in memory of Richard Fleischaker.  The award recognizes an individual who has consistently donated his/her time and talents to the continuing development of Red Earth.  The recipient of the Spirit Award should be an individual whose support of Red Earth has been substantial and has had a lasting impact on the Red Earth organization. We realize that many individuals support Red Earth in a variety of ways.  Please take a moment to nominate the person you feel has made the most significant contribution. This is your opportunity to show your appreciation for his/her efforts.

    • Barry Turner,  

      Lorene Main, 

      Woodrow M. Taylor, 

      Troy and Annabelle Bowen, 

      David G. Campbell

      J. Louise Fent

      Teri V. Stanek

    • Lela B. Sullivan

      Jim Vallion

      Doug Cummings

      Ron Smithee

      Kathleen O. Marks

      Leroy Bridges

      Becky Meyer

    • Vickie Norick

      Rhonda Durant

      Larry Wilson

      Changing Winds/Shirley Wapskineh

      Janet Dyke

      Shane Lindstrom

      Don Stanek