Collection: What We Wear

    Funded in part by Allied Arts OKC

    • “What We Wear: A Contemporary Expression of Indigenous Fashion”

      "What We Wear" exemplifies modern Indigenous design of clothing and adornment worn by our tribal citizens.

      Traditional and contemporary clothing or regalia are as diverse as the tribes they represent--from ribbon work of the plains Osage tribe to the beaded Choctaw collar necklace or an exquisite Chickasaw finger-woven belt; they are all very unique with special meaning or purpose.

      The work of these twelve Indigenous artists includes jewelry, clothing, accessories, and wall art.


      Cathy Abercrombie

      Sarah Adams

      Yonavea Hawkins

      Natalie Miller

      Jessica Moore Harjo

      Jasmine Phetsacksith

      Kylee Robison

      Lisa Rutherford

      Nelda Schrupp

      Tyra Shackleford

      Alejandro F. Vaca Yánez

      Jarica Walsh