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    Jarica Walsh

    Lemon Balm Love (Store Pick Up Only)

    Lemon Balm Love (Store Pick Up Only)

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    Artist Jarica Walsh, Osage

     "Lemon Balm Love "

    Famed Original Cyanotype Photogram measuring 26.5" x 29" 

     Signed by the artist


    Part of a series of original cyanotype photograms made with plant materials gathered around Oklahoma.

    The cyanotype process is a photographic process. Two chemicals, ammonium iron citrate and potassium ferricyanide, are combined to create a UV light sensitive solution. The solution is applied to a surface like paper. An object is placed on the treated surface and exposed to a UV light source, like the sun. After a certain amount of time the object is removed and the paper is rinsed in water. This stops the developing process and creates a permanent image. Places on the print that are white blocked the light from coming through. Areas in blue are places where light was able to penetrate the object or bend around the object. This type of photograph is called a photogram. It is a true to life image of whatever has been placed on the paper.


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