Collection: Lisa Rutherford

    Lisa Rutherford is a Cherokee artist from Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Her art encompasses ceramics, beadwork and twining. But she has become known for her handmade feather capes that have been worn with  traditional Cherokee tear dresses and featured in high-fashion runway shows.

    Her pottery is created first by hand collecting the clay from the area. Then using a kiln as well as firing outdoors in a wood fire. She bisques fires (firing without a ceramic glaze) in a kiln first, to control any breakage that might happen, for about 30 minutes. Then she uses twigs and branches from her yard to flash fire her pottery outdoors to finish the process and leave the item with a wonderful wood smoke smell and colors the pottery with the smoke.

    She was recognized for her work with pottery for promoting and preserving Cherokee art and history.

    Lisa earned her the title of Cherokee National Treasure and the Anna Mitchell Award in 2018. Anna Mitchell was a Cherokee National Treasure who revived Southeastern-style pottery in the 1960s.