Red Earth Museum Focuses on Importance of the Eagle in New Exhibition

    A new exhibition entitled “The Eagle in American Indian Art & Custom” has opened at Oklahoma City’s Red Earth Museum with paintings, sculpture and pottery by some of the state’s most recognized contemporary and traditional American Indian artists. The exhibition is accompanied by numerous cultural artifacts culled from the archives of the Red Earth Museum.

    For thousands of years the eagle has been revered by American Indian cultures. Customarily, tribes now headquartered in Oklahoma have always portrayed the eagle in a variety of artistic and cultural contexts, including paintings and drawings, sculpture, crafts, literature and poetry, folktales, in dance and song.

    Eagle feathers are one of the most revered ornaments used in Native American fans, headdresses, dance regalia, clothing, shields and drums. In fact, eagle feathers are part of the Indian shield on the state flag of Oklahoma. Many tribes have special eagle dances, ceremonies and societies. Both bald eagles and golden eagles along with their feathers are considered sacred.

    “The Eagle in American Indian Art & Custom” draws heavily upon the museum’s collection of paintings including pieces by Acee Blue Eagle, Archie Blackowl, Chebon Dacon, Woody Big Bow, Brooks Henson, Mirac Creepingbear, Harvey Pratt, Gary Montgomery, Mike Larsen, and famed Kiowa Five painters Monroe Tsa-Toke and James Auchiah.

    The exhibition also incorporates eight British Columbian Totem Poles with prominent eagle carvings, previously donated to the Red Earth Museum by Mrs. Fred Jones, Southwestern pottery by Darin and Sandra Victorino, and Mary Small, and sculpture by Charles Pratt.

    The Red Earth Museum is open every day inside Omniplex at 2100 NE 52nd Street in Oklahoma City. Visit the web at for additional information. Red Earth, Inc. is a non-profit organization that promotes and presents the rich traditions of American Indian arts and cultures through educational programs, the annual Red Earth Native American Cultural Festival and the Red Earth Museum.

    Attachment #1 In the Company of Eagles By Brooks Henson (Cherokee) 32” x 44” Oil

    Attachment #2 Shaman Woman By Gary Montgomery (Seminole) 36” x 48” Oil

    Attachment #3 The People of This Red Earth By Harvey Pratt (Cheyenne/Arapaho) 39” x 27” Acrylic
    Red Earth Museum Focuses on Importance of the Eagle in New Exhibition
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