Honored One 2022

    Every year during the Red Earth Festival, we are privileged to bestow a significant honor upon a very deserving Native artist. Recognition as the Red Earth Honored One is one of the highest honors given in the Native art community. It is presented to a master artist whose art has been substantial throughout their life.

    The Red Earth Honored One award is given to someone who has had a significant influence on the Native American artist community. To one who has continuing involvement, activity, and participation in their art form. It is presented to those artists and artisans who embrace and embody the collective wisdom of their cultural experience.

    Linda Kukuk

    Linda Kukuk is a life-time resident of the Oklahoma City area, and an award-winning,
    self-taught artist. Although she does some traditional watercolor, she is mainly known as a scratchboard artist specializing in realistic pictures of wildlife, pet portraits, Native Americans, and portraits. She is a Signature Level member of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA).

    Rather than always doing scratchboard art in the "traditional" sense, she enjoys experimenting by starting with white clay board, adding either watercolor, acrylic ink, India ink (or a combination of these) and then doing scratchwork on the surface she has prepared.

    Her extensive travels throughout Africa, Europe, Russia, and the Pacific has given her a myriad of interesting subjects to paint and draw. She loves painting almost any subject, and being a member of the Choctaw Nation, enjoys painting Native American & American wildlife subjects. She also enjoys using white clay-coated board (textured & smooth) for watercolor.

    She says that even though she embarks on various creative side roads in her artistic travels, she never strays

    Spirit Award 2022

    The Red Earth Spirit Award is an annual award presented in memory of Richard Fleischaker. The award recognizes an individual who has consistently donated his/her time and talents to the continuing development of Red Earth.The recipient of the Spirit Award should be an individual whose support of Red Earth has been substantial and has had a lasting impact on the Red Earth organization.

    This year we recognize Mr. Don Stanek for his “Spirit and Significant Contribution” to Red Earth.

    Don Stanek

    For nearly 25 years, Don Stanek has worked behind the scenes to support Red Earth in all its endeavors -- at the Center of the American Indian, the Red Earth Festival and numerous special events for our organization. Don has been involved in all aspects of Red Earth serving as a member of the Friend’s Council for over 25 years.

    In 2009 he took over the reins of the Production Committee facilitating the move-in of Festival artists and exhibitors each year. Don is truly a Red Earth Ambassador -- he is the first person you artists see when You arrive at the Festival each year. He is steadfast in his loyalty to Red Earth, literally weathering storms, heat and all the challenges encountered as the Festival as it has moved to different locations throughout central Oklahoma. 

    Don has been a tireless volunteer for the organization and most worthy of this award.