Request a Cultural Education Program for Your School

    We're excited to offer a range of enriching cultural programs designed to bring the history, art, and traditions of Native American peoples directly to your classroom. From hands-on craft workshops to immersive cultural presentations, our programs are tailored to provide your students with a unique and educational experience that celebrates diversity and fosters understanding.

    Please fill out the form below to request a program for your school. Whether you're interested in our free offerings or our specialized paid presentations, we're here to help you bring this invaluable learning opportunity to your students.

    • Tailored Educational Experiences

      Our programs are designed to complement your curriculum, offering interactive sessions that engage students with the rich tapestry of Native American history, art, and culture.

    • Expert Educators

      Our team of educators and historians are passionate about sharing their knowledge, providing your students with an immersive learning experience that is both informative and inspiring.

    • Hands-on Learning

      We bring artifacts, replicas, and a wealth of resources to provide a tangible connection to the lessons, making history come alive for your students.

    • Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity

      Our presentations are crafted with respect for the cultures we represent, ensuring a learning environment that fosters understanding and appreciation of diversity.