Collection: Chester Cowan

    Cowen is a multi-faceted Choctaw artist. He specializes in beading and photography. He has been creating Native American beadwork pieces for more than five decades after being taught by a Comanche tribal member. Over the years, he has been continued learning the craft through self-teaching, as well as studying under teachers from several Native American tribes. He has learned numerous styles, methods, and designs, but his favorite method is the style of his own tribe, the Choctaw Nation Oklahoma. As a master Choctaw Nation OK beadwork artist, Cowen has contributed to the preservation of the art and is always willing to teach the craft to others.

     Not only is he a creator of beautiful works of traditional beading, but he is also passionate about the history behind it. Cowen has spent years researching and photographing beading methods all around the world, including inventory at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.