Collection: Alejandro Vaca

    Norman, Oklahoma based fashion designer, Alejandro F. Vaca Yánez is a 3rd generation artist working in the fashion industry. He is the owner of his own brand called Vache Brothers where he sells his handmade items.

    He was born and raised in Quito - Ecuador and is part of the Quitus tribe.

    His higher education was spent between South America, Europe and the United States, where he has lived for over 17 years.

    His fashion work combines traditional and  modern techniques from creating his own fabrics to modifying existing ones. He is passionate about traditional fabric dying practices of the Inca-Quechua people and specializes in Japanese indigo dying.

    He expresses his culture and background by telling stories of his ancestors and the connection to nature in his clothes. The materials are mostly natural fabrics like wool, alpaca, linen, cotton and silk. His goal is to be  a bridge between the past, the present and the future of the people of Ecuador to the rest of the world.