Red Earth Artists

    Thank you for scheduling your unloading time for the Red Earth Festival. 

    This will help us to eliminate congestion at the unloading area.

    A crew of volunteers will be onsite to help you quickly unload and move your materials to your booth. 

    • ·If you arrive prior to your appointment, park in the Museum Guest Parking on the north side of the Museum on 63rd Street.

      ·At your appointed time, enter the Driveway to the Loading Area. The Driveway is on the east side of the building. There is only one way in and out. See map below for directions. 


    • ·The Production Crew will then help you move your display materials into the freight elevator going upstairs to the Event Center. 
      ·Your display grids & materials will be unloaded and taken into the Security Area of the Museum where you can register at the Red Earth Desk. Virginia Treadway will be there to provide you with information & credentials for the Festival.  

    • ·Immediately move your vehicle to the Guest Parking. You can then return to your booth through the Museum Entrance to begin set up of your booth. The Museum closes at 5 pm.  If you unload on Wednesday you can return Thursday to complete your work. 

      ·Your Red Earth Credentials will allow you to come-and-go thru the main Museum entrance as needed during set up and throughout the Festival.

    If you have problems and need to reach us - email a short message with your phone number to and we will call you back. Safe Travels!

    Where to Unload

    At your appointed time, enter the driveway to the Loading Area. The driveway is on the east side of the building.  There is only one way in and out. See map for directions. 

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