Why Your Presence Matters

    When you choose to attend the Festival Awards Dinner, you're not just reserving a seat at an event; you're affirming your commitment to the preservation and promotion of Native arts. This night is a unique opportunity to meet the artists who continue to breathe life into our culture's legacy, showcasing their unparalleled talents and sharing their stories.

    An Unforgettable Experience

    Prepare for an evening filled with inspiration and connection. Not only will you witness the prestigious awards ceremony, but you'll also be able to meet the artists behind the masterpieces, hear their stories, and share in their journeys.

    Were sorry but the deadline has passed to purchase tickets.

    We hope you can join us next year for this incredible event to celebrate Native artistry.

    Beyond the Awards

    This evening is more than an awards ceremony; it's a lifeline. The funds raised through your participation go directly towards supporting these artists and ensuring the Red Earth Festival continues to be a platform for cultural expression and preservation. By joining us, you're contributing to:

    • Cultural Preservation:

      Funding programs that help preserve the unique traditions and arts of native communities.

    • Education and Outreach:

      Supporting educational initiatives that raise awareness and appreciation of Native arts and culture across broader communities.

    • The Arts and Artists:

      Your support allows us to sustain and enhance our artist support programs. Ensuring that we can continue to uplift and celebrate our artists.

    *Some photos provided by The Chickasaw Nation