Red Earth Festival Announces 2023 Emerging Artist Award Winners

    Oklahoma City, OK - Red Earth Festival is proud to announce the winners of the 2023 Emerging Artist Award: Osage ceramic artist Allyson Stumpf and Chickasaw painter Kate Wiley. The Emerging Artist Award recognizes and celebrates emerging Native American artists who demonstrate exceptional skill, artistic vision, and a commitment to their cultural heritage.

    Allyson Stumpf is a talented ceramic artist who draws inspiration from the traditional techniques and designs of her Osage heritage. Her works are a unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles. Stumpf's artistry reflects the continuity of cultural traditions and their adaptation to modern times.

    Kate Wiley is a skilled painter whose works celebrate the natural world and her Chickasaw heritage. Her paintings are a testament to the vibrancy of indigenous cultures, featuring bold and vivid colors, that are meant to capture the movement of dance. Wiley's artwork invites the viewer to see the world in a new light and to appreciate the stories and movement that inspire her.

    We are thrilled to recognize Allyson Stumpf and Kate Wiley as the 2023 Emerging Artist Award winners. Their exceptional talent and artistic vision represent the very best of Native American art and culture. We look forward to watching their careers grow and seeing the remarkable contributions they will make to the Native American art community.

    The Emerging Artist Award winners will have the opportunity to showcase their artwork at the 2023 Red Earth Festival. This annual event, now in its 37th year, is one of the largest Native American cultural festivals in the world, featuring the works of hundreds of Native American artists and performers.

    About Red Earth Festival:

    Red Earth, Inc. is a non-profit organization that promotes Native American art and culture through education, public events, and charitable activities. Its mission is to promote and preserve the traditions and heritage of Native American peoples through the arts, culture, and humanities.

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