Chester Cowan

    "We the People" Style Beaded Earrings

    "We the People" Style Beaded Earrings

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    Designed and beaded by Choctaw artist Chester Cowen

    Torquoise, red, and white.

    "We the People" earring pattern derived from the woman's collar of the same name. The top colored bead represents a woman who came from beneath the earth through a hole to the surface. The white beads on either side of her represent the bags carrying the bones of those who died in the process of coming to this new land. Beads of the same color represent her female descendants. The other colored beads represent a different founding woman and her descendants. White beads represent generations, our history is long. The bottom cluster of colored beads represent the marrying in of a man from a different female line and woman's line which includes her unmarried male children.

    Measures 3" end to end.

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