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    Cherokee Copper

    Strawberry Moon Necklace

    Strawberry Moon Necklace

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    The Strawberry Moon⁠: it comes each June and reminds us of all things summer, from the first strawberry to trips to the beach and looking for that perfect shell of saltwater. This set combines a beautiful pink shell on a copper chain.

    According to Cherokee legend strawberries are a gift from the creator to first woman. She had gotten mad at first man and stormed off --oh how little things have changed.
    First man ran after her to tell her how much she meant to him, but could not catch up, so he asked the creator to slow her down.
    The creator sent all kinds of fruit to slow her down, huckleberries, blackberries and blueberries. None of them worked. So he went to his own garden and gathered up strawberries and threw them down.
    First woman stopped and and ate them, forgetting her anger. First man finds his mate and she leads him home feeding him strawberries all the way.
    What a beautiful story of how sweetness overcomes anger.

    Length - approximately 18"

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