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    Cherokee Copper

    Mother's Tear Gorget

    Mother's Tear Gorget

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    The Mother's Tear Gorget is a symbol of a mother's love, past, present, and future

    Imagine if you will soldiers show up at your door on horseback You are then ordered to gather everything you can carry, your children and your family. You have just been forced from your home, the only home you know, the town your grandparents built, the woods you played in as a kid, fished, and hunted in. 

    This is the beginning of the Trail of Tears.

    Many a Mother shed many a tear on this trail, they cried for their home, they cried for their land, and they cried for their children. 

    This gorget aims to capture that sorrow in a single tear.

    Each gorget is handmade and unique. 

     2 1/2" Copper Medallion on a 20"chain 

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